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Jennifer Lopez: Don’t call me a liar

Jennifer Lopez, who still defied years despite her 51 years of age, explained why her followers reacted to botox claims.

Jennifer Lopez, who recently launched skin care products for women, reacted on social media after being accused by some people of lying, especially about her skin’s youth. Interviewing People magazine, Lopez explained why her followers responded to botox claims.

“I’m not judging anyone. If you want, you can have botox.
However, I don’t want people to lie about me and say ‘She’s trying to deceive us’ ”and continued as follows:

“I’m telling what I’m doing. Please don’t call me a liar. I don’t have to lie, I’m pretty honest about my whole life.”

The 51-year-old artist said, “I thought that I should make a loving explanation on this matter. One of my biggest beauty secrets is being kind to people.

The singer, who shared her makeup-free face to promote her skincare brand earlier this month, was exposed to hundreds of botox comments from her followers. Then Lopez responded to her followers by saying, “This is just my face, I’m telling you for the 500 millionth time I have never had botox or any surgical intervention.

Written by Maraaz

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