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American national anthem by Lady Gaga at the inauguration

Famous singer Lady Gaga sang the American national anthem at the ceremony where Joe Biden was sworn in as the new US president. Lady Gaga did not neglect to send a message in the outfit she chose for the ceremony. 

Lady Gaga sang the American national anthem at the inauguration of Joe Biden, who was elected the 46th President of the US.

Lady Gaga, who was admired for her red-black dress, gave a message of peace with a golden pigeon brooch on her outfit.

It was seen that Lady Gaga was excited before the performance.

Lady Gaga, who touched the ceremony with her anthem performance, established sincere dialogues with many protocol names in the ceremony, especially Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

She spoke to former Democratic president Barack Obama.

She had a warm hug with the former First Lady Michelle Obama.

She also greeted Jennifer Lopez, one of the names attending and performing at the oath ceremony.

Lady Gaga, who made a strong impression with her Schiaparelli-designed dress that went down to the ground at the ceremony, explained the meaning of the giant brooch she wore on her collar on Twitter.

Lady Gaga shared the message “A dove carrying an olive branch. Let’s all make peace”.

Written by Maraaz

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