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Taylor Swift continues corona donations: Support for two mothers

Taylor Swift, who previously donated $ 5 million to fight the pandemic. Provided financial support to two single mothers who going through economic hard times.

Taylor Swift was not indifferent to the news of two single mothers who had a difficult time economically due to the coronavirus outbreak in the Washington Post newspaper.

The 30-year-old singer donated 13 thousand dollars to two women.

Swift said in the note she sent: “Sharing your story is a very brave move. I am very sorry for what you have experienced this year and wanted to send you this gift. Yours. ”

Swift, who previously donated $ 5 million to fight the coronavirus, gave 3 thousand dollars to her fans who were affected by the economic bottleneck.

She financially supported a record store in Nashville that might have to lower their shutters due to the pandemic.

Swift also sent 23,000 pounds to 18-year-old Vitoria Mario, who made a call for her university expenses from the GoFundMe donation page.

Written by Maraaz

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