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Quarantine at £ 6 million house from Elizabeth Hurley: I’m making marmalade

Former British model Elizabeth Hurley is spending her outbreak in her luxury mansion. Hurley, who shares his £ 6 million worth of his house, spends his days making marmalade.

Accompanied by his son Damian and mother Angela Mary, Hurley frequently posts about quarantine days on her social media account.

In her last post, Hurley, who reveals the marmalade she has made, also publishes the poses of the clothes she designed from time to time.

“I made 47 jars of marmalade,” says Hurley, and her mansion has 13 bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a large house where guests can stay.

There is also a lake belonging to him and his son on the land of Hurley’s mansion.

Written by Maraaz

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