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Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant and mother put on trial

Sofia Urbieta Laine, the mother of Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant, sued her daughter. NBA star Kobe Bryant’s wife and Vanessa Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash, and her mother, Sofia Urbieta Laine, were on trial.

Bryant’s mother-in-law, Vanessa Bryant’s mother, Sofia Urbieta Laine. The woman demanded the remuneration of her 18 years of work for personal assistance and babysitting from her daughter.

Laine, 68, claims in the 48-page file of her case that Kobe Bryant promised to take care of her for life. Bryant stated that her mother asked her for money retrospectively:

“Assuming she worked 12 hours a day for 18 years because she cared for her grandchildren, she charges me $ 96 an hour backwards. She only occasionally babysit our older girls when they were little. 10 years ago our children were full-time students and athletes. ”

“I have been supporting her financially for 20 years. She has never been my personal assistant or Kobe’s personal assistant or a nanny for our children. I was always a mother spending time at home.”

Written by Maraaz

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