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How does parent conflict affect the inner world of children?

Parents arguing and fighting in front of their children can cause serious trauma as well as negatively affecting the development of children! Specialist Clinical Psychologists, who said, “Children who are in conflict with their parents may have a serious distress of trust” gave important warnings to parents. 

Of course, problems can be experienced in every marriage, the important thing is how these problems are solved. If these unsolved problems turn into conflict, it is very difficult to hide this from the child. Because the child easily feels all kinds of tension between the parents because they are in the same living space.

The child between the ages of 3-6 who cannot think abstractly thinks that he/she is responsible for the conflict between the parents and blames herself.

Children who grow up amid family conflicts learn to adopt a problem-oriented approach, not a solution-oriented approach like their parents, and may experience similar conflicts in their own social life. Spouses need to be able to solve problems in a timely manner before problems turn into conflict.

It should not be forgotten that unsolved problems harm the children of that house the most.

Written by Maraaz

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