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Delphine Boel, daughter of former Belgian King, is now officially a princess

Belgian Court of Appeal, illegitimate daughter of former King Albert II of the country. Delphine decided that Boel would be officially recognize as the princess.

The judicial process that has been going on for years has been completed. Delphine Boel proving that her father is the former King Albert II. She will be recognize as a royal family member and princess from now on by court’s decision.

Boel’s daughter and son will also be remember as the Belgian prince and princess.


Boel had gone to court claiming to be the father of the former king. It was proven that the king was Boel’s father in January by DNA testing during the trial. The former King Albert II admitted that Boel, who had long rejected it after DNA testing, was his biological father.

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Written by Maraaz

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