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Belgium government bans “unnecessary” travel

In Belgium, the federal government has decided to ban “unnecessary” entry and exit into the country in order to combat the new type of Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo stated that the ban will be valid from January 27 to March 1, and those who enter Belgium or want to leave the country will have to prove that their travel is absolutely necessary.

Stating that they took these measures to combat the newly detected species of the Coronavirus, De Croo said that they could only be protected from the third wave in this way.

Stressing that the decision to ban does not mean to “close the borders,” De Croo said, “We are not building walls around the country. Arrivals and departures are still possible, but they must have a good reason.


It was stated that the ban imposed by Belgium on non-compulsory travel does not include some exceptions. These exceptions are business trips, assistance to a person in need of care, travel for education, family reasons such as illness or the death of a relative, and visiting children of parents who are separated and living in different countries.

The exception will also be those who live in a neighboring country and have to cross the border to get their daily work.

Among the other decisions taken by the Belgian government, everyone who will come to the country from the UK, South Africa and South America from Monday must go into quarantine for 10 days and have a test on the 1st and 7th day of their arrival.

Everyone who test positive for Covid-19 will now have to stay in isolation for 10 days instead of 7 days.

Workplaces such as barbers, hair salons and beauty centers across Belgium will also be able to open from February 13, unless the number of new cases increases significantly. The final decision on this matter will be made at the beginning of February. Such businesses had been closed since mid-October.

In Belgium, with a population of 11 million, one of the countries most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, 687 thousand people have been infected with the virus so far, 20 thousand 620 of these people have died.

Since October, when the second wave was experienced, restaurants, bars and cafes in the country have been closed. A curfew is imposed in the country from 22:00 until the morning and it is obligatory to work from home whenever possible.

Written by Maraaz

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