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Covid-19 casualties have been increasing in the UK for the past month

In the UK, there has been a steady increase in casualties for the past month, with the effect of a faster-spreading type of the new type of coronavirus.


According to the UK Ministry of Health’s statement yesterday, 1610 people died in the last 24 hours, the highest daily loss of life since the beginning of the pandemic.

While the total number of deaths increased to 91 thousand 470, especially the deaths in the last month present a dark picture. The number of daily deaths due to the virus, which was 534 on 19 December 2020 and 215 on 21 December 2020 in the country, has steadily increased since then.

While the number of daily casualties due to Covid-19 first exceeded 1000 on January 6, the highest casualties in the pandemic were recorded 3 times in the country in the following days. In the last week, there have been 1564, 1248, 1280, 1295, 671, 599 and 1610 casualties, respectively. The country ranks first in Europe in the number of casualties from Covid-19.

Written by Maraaz

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