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41 thousand Covid-19 cases seen in the last 24 hours in the UK

A new type of coronavirus detected in 41 thousand 385 people in the last 24 hours in England, 357 people died.

According to the data of the UK Ministry of Health, the number of people who died in the country due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) has increased by 357 in the last 24 hours, reaching 71,109.

While 41 thousand 385 new cases were detected in the last 24 hours in the UK. Where two more rapidly spreading types of Covid-19 were detected, the total number of cases increased to 2 million 329 thousand 730.

While 507 thousand 384 tests were carried out in one day, the total number of tests was 49 million 434 thousand 314, including duplicates.

Due to Covid-19, 21 thousand 286 people continue to be treated in hospitals in the country, 1529 of them are in intensive care.

70 percent faster spreading type of Covid-19 was seen in England.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that a 70 percent faster-spreading type of Covid-19. Emerged in the country, but there was no data that it was more lethal.

The British government’s Chief Science Adviser, Patrick Vallance, said the species “moved fast and became the dominant species.”

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