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Venezuelan President Maduro: we want to make a new start with the US

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stated that they are ready for a dialogue with the US, “We want to make a new start with the US based on mutual respect and recognition.” said. 


In his speech at the 2019-2020 National Culture Award Ceremony, Maduro stated that Venezuela has a great relationship with the people of the USA and demanded the new President of the USA, Joe Biden, to be fair to his country.

Wishing Biden luck for his new assignment, Maduro said, “I hope luck will be on his side in managing the crises and troubles in his country. My expectation is that luck will help Biden, who says he will bring peace to the world.” used the expressions. Reminding that they had a politically bad relationship with Donald Trump, the former US President, Maduro said, “Trump upset the reality of a country that wants peace, life and enlightenment. It created the image that Venezuela is bigoted and extremist.” said.

Maduro emphasized that Trump failed against the struggle of the Venezuelan people, “This country has resisted that nothing can be imposed on it by force. Trump has succumbed to the reality of this country that wants peace.” he spoke.

“We are ready to dialogue with the US”

On the other hand, President Maduro, who also attended the Foreign Policy Commission meeting held in the National Assembly (AN), stated that they are ready to dialogue with the USA and they want to improve their relations in the future, “We want to make a new start based on mutual respect and recognition with the United States. my expectation is that it develops an initiative in this direction. “ said.

Trump-era Venezuelan relations

In Venezuela, President Maduro, despite winning 67.7 percent of the elections held on May 21, 2018, caused controversy over allegations of fraud by the opposition.

The opposition leader in the country, Juan Guaido, took to the streets with his supporters on January 23, 2019 and declared himself the “interim president” of the country.

In a statement he made on this, Trump announced that the Maduro government had lost its legitimacy and announced that he recognized Guaido as the “de facto head of state” of the country. The US announced on January 5 that it continues to recognize Guaido as the “legitimate head of state” in Venezuela, and announced that it does not recognize the parliamentary elections held in the country on December 6, 2020.

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