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Christopher Nolan won’t work with Warner Bros again

It was claimed that the famous director Christopher Nolan would part ways with the media giant after the Warner Bros.’s decision to show the entire movie list in HBO Max and theaters simultaneously.

WarnerMedia’s 2021 Warner Bros. When he announced that he would be releasing the entire movie roster at the same time as HBO Max and theaters, he faced a reaction from the filmmakers. The biggest reaction came from the beloved director of Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan, who questioned the company’s ethics. So Nolan made it clear to stand near movie theaters and walk away from his long-time studio.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, based on WarnerMedia’s decision to release movies directly to theaters and on HBO Max on the same day; Christopher Nolan’s future Warner Bros. unlikely to work with.

How this will affect the projects he is currently developing is unclear, but if the news is true, a big blow comes to Warner Bros, who relies on Nolan’s films for box office appeal.

It is known how deep the relationship between Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan has been over the past two decades. The last movie the director released without Warner Bros.’s help was Memento in 2001. It has been 20 years that Nolan and the company have been in partnership with the movies, and during that time they have released massive movies such as The Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and Inception.

The 2020 movie Tenet was released during the epidemic last year because Warner Bros. was strongly convinced that Nolan could bring audiences to theaters.

After the company decided to shift the films to HBO Max, Nolan was at the forefront against the studio even before making the announcement and talking to largely any filmmakers. It’s no secret that Nolan is a huge supporter of theatrical experience, and now the company has shown that he will not blink at it. It wouldn’t be surprising, therefore, that Nolan chose to take his next film to a studio that would guarantee a theatrical release.

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