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Tenet box office number has been announced

It announced that the box office numbers of Tenet, which released on August 26 in countries outside the USA, will not be shared. According to Box Office data; The film grossed $ 53 million.

Tenet, where all eyes are turned during the pandemic process. Met with the audience on August 26.

Christopher Nolan’s new movie came with a number of innovations in the current conditions in the world.

Unusually, Tenet, which entered the vision in other countries before the USA on 26 August; It has been announced that the box office data such as revenue, number of audience will not be shared until a date to be determined later.

According to Box Office data, the film earned $ 53 million at the box office.

Film meeting with audiences in 41 countries.

The film stars Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Kenneth Branagh. Tenet tells the story of a hero fighting to save the world from great danger.

Trying to fulfill an international espionage mission in a place beyond real time, the hero must fight to save the world. Trying to stop a greater danger from the Third World War, the hero embarks on a challenging journey through the twilight world of the spy.

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