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Nathalie Delon dies

Star actress Nathalie Delon passed away at the age of 79.

Nathalie Delon, ex-wife of the famous French actor Alain Delon, mother of Anthony Delon, passed away.

Her son Anthony Delon announced the news of the death of Delon, a model and actress who had been treated for cancer for a while.

Alain Delon said in a statement, “I’m very sorry. I always feel so sad when the people I love go. Nathalie was my first wife and the only Madame Delon. We got married in 1964. We never cut contact. We used to meet often. I was a part of his life and he was my life ”.


Nathalie Delon was born on 1 August 1941. Both modeling and acting Nathalie Delon became one of the names that left her mark on cinema with her projects. The master actress finally appeared before her fans in the movie Nuit de chien.

Written by Maraaz

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