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White House Spokesperson McEnany’s Covid-19 test was positive

After President Donald Trump caught Covid-19 in the USA. The coronavirus test of White House Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany was also positive.

White House Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany announced that the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) test she had done this morning was “positive” and she quarantined herself.

After President Donald Trump caught Covid-19 in the USA. The number of people who test “positive” on the White House team is also increasing.

McEnany said in a written statement that she had been tested continuously since Thursday. Noting that the test results so far have been “negative”. “I have no symptoms of illness, but the result of the Covid-19 test I had on Monday morning was ‘positive’.”

According to the White House Health Unit, McEnany stated that no journalist was on the list of people who had close contact with her. During his press conference on Thursday, Trump’s close advisor. She emphasized that Hope Hicks did not know that the Covid-19 test was “positive”.

“With my test positive, I start the quarantine process and I will continue to work remotely on behalf of the American people,” McEnany said.

The Covid-19 test of Hicks, one of Trump’s close advisors, was “positive” on Thursday. Trump, who announced that he was caught with Covid-19 on his Twitter account. On Friday, he was taken to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Maryland, half an hour from the capital Washington DC.

After Trump’s Kovid-19 test was positive, the Covid-19 tests of many people working in the White House and Trump’s election campaign were “positive”.

Written by Maraaz

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