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Joe Biden is sworn in as 46th president of the US

Joe Biden, who won the November 3 elections in the USA, was sworn in at the US Congress and became the 46th president of the country.

In the US, the inauguration ceremony for elected President Joe Biden and Deputy Kamala Harris in Washington DC started under extraordinary security measures.

A limited number of guests attended the ceremony, which started on the platform set up in the west wing of the Congress building, in the shadow of the intense security measures and the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, unprecedented in the history of the country.

President Donald Trump, whose term expired today, did not attend the ceremony and went to Florida in the morning, Vice Mike Pence was among the members of Congress.

Former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were also present with their spouses at the ceremony attended by approximately 1000 guests.

Kamala Harris, who made history by being elected the first female vice president of the USA, took an oath at the ceremony held in Washington.

Oath ceremony flow

The oath ceremony started on the platform set up on the west facade of the congress building. Following Vice President Harris’ oath, Joe Biden was sworn in at a ceremony in the US Congress and became the country’s 46th president.

Biden will make his first speech here as president. In his speech, Biden is expected to focus on messages about combating the Covid-19 pandemic, in which more than 400 thousand people died in the country and reuniting the politically divided US people.

After the speech, the President, Vice President and their wives will greet the military continent at 13.40. Then, at 14.25, Biden and Harris and their wives will lay a wreath at the Unknown Soldier Monument at Arlington National Cemetery.

Presidential cortege

At 15:15, the President and Vice-President will be on their way to their new residence, the White House, accompanied by vehicles called “presidential cortege”.

Biden will start working in the Oval Office, the presidential office in the White House at 16:15 tomorrow, signing its first decrees and giving administrative instructions.

At 16:45, an online oath ceremony will take place for the staff appointed by the President on the first day. The President, Vice President and their spouses will attend a special celebration program hosted by actor Tom Hanks at 19:48.

Written by Maraaz

An inauguration ceremony is held for Joe Biden

Kamala Harris the first female vice president of the US took an oath