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Never do these while combing your hair!

Combing your hair can seem effortless and easy. However, using the wrong type of hair brush can make your hair strands weak and prone to breakage. Combing your hair correctly can make it look bright and strong. Here are those mistakes you shouldn’t make while combing your hair …

1. You are brushing your hair in the wrong direction

Moving the brush from top to bottom pulls your hair at the roots, causing it to damage and break.

The best way to untie hair tangles is to carefully comb them down, starting a few centimeters above the ends. The most effective technique is to divide your hair into sections and remove any tangles in each section separately.

2.You just brush the ends

While it is better to start detangling your hair from the ends, it doesn’t mean you should avoid your roots. Your scalp produces nutrient-rich oils that are essential for the beauty and health of your curls.

Distributing these oils to your ends will make your hair sleek and shiny and even have an anti-frizz effect. For this reason, after removing the wrinkles in your hair, comb it from your roots to the ends of your hair.

3.You are using the wrong brush

If you have wavy and curly hair, opt for a wide hair brush as it will detangle tangles easily. If your hair isn’t thin and bulky, a denser but soft bristles brush will gently glide through your strands without damaging it or pulling your roots.

4. You brush your hair a lot during the day.

Brushing your hair too vigorously per day can weaken your hair and cause breakage. Instead, try to focus on the quality of the brushing.

No matter how good your hair brushing technique is, make sure you clean your hair brush regularly. Using a dirty brush means spreading the old product and dead skin cells on your hair.

5.Using the same brush for wet and dry hair

Wet hair is prone to breakage and using the wrong type of hair brush can easily damage hair. The best tool you can use to brush your wet hair is a wide toothed comb.

6.Don’t comb curly hair when it’s dry

Hair care experts recommend that you avoid brushing frizzy hair when it’s dry and use a solvent spray beforehand. So you prevent it from breaking.

Written by Maraaz

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