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Polish actor Wojciech Pszoniak dies

Polish actor Wojciech Pszoniak passed away at the age of 78.

Polish news channel TVN24 announced the death of Wojciech Pszoniak, a famous film and stage actor known for his films The Promised Land, The Wedding, Danton and Korczak.


Pszoniak, who has appeared in nearly 100 films throughout his life and has worked with famous director Andrzej Wajda for many years. For its contribution to the development of Polish-French relations in the field of culture. He awarded the French art and literature medal in 2008.

Pszoniak born in Lviv, Ukraine. He also performed at the Old Theater in Kraków, the National Theater in Warsaw, and the Powszechny Theater. Pszoniak, who went to France in the 1980s, continued his acting career there.

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