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‘Vegan burger’ agenda in the European Parliament

The European Parliament will discuss the use of expressions such as ‘vegan burger’ or ‘cheese’ in vegan products.

European farmers involved in animal husbandry are demanding that the use of terms such as ‘burger’ or ‘sausage’ in vegan meats for vegetarians and vegans be misleading for the consumer.

Farmers are also against the use of the terms ‘like milk’, ‘like cheese’ or ‘like butter’ for alternatives such as rice milk or soy milk.

It may no longer be possible to use these terms for vegan products in European Union countries.

Health and environmental organizations argue that such terms play a key role in transitioning to a more sustainable diet. In the proposal, terms such as steak, sausage, entrecote, burger and hamburger are only. It is stated that products containing animal meat can be used in their packaging.

Written by Maraaz

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