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Madonna refused David Guetta because of his star sign

Grammy-winning DJ and music producer David Guetta. Madonna, who wanted to work for the new album, gave up her collaboration when she learned about Guetta’s horoscope.

Famous DJ and music producer David Guetta made a remarkable statement about Madonna in a YouTube program he attended.

The 52-year-old French musician told about their meeting with Madonna and that the famous singer refused to record with him because of his horoscope.

“I remixed Madonna’s Revolver in 2009 and won a Grammy with it,” said Guetta. After the award, Madonna called me and said that she loved the remix and asked me to make her next album.”

The famous DJ, who also told about the meeting day, said, “I went to lunch. We talked about everything, the music, what kind of album you want to make … It was very nice. It was just him and me. It was very calm and cool. We ate our food. Then what happened.”

Guetta said, “She asked me about me,” explained the dialogue with Madonna as follows:

“I said I was a Scorpio sign. Suddenly her face changed and she told me ‘Sorry, we won’t be able to work together. It was nice knowing you. “Goodbye” she said.”

The zodiac sign of Madonna, who was born on August 16, 1958, is a lion.


Written by Maraaz

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