Kanye West spending $ 6 million on election campaign

Independent candidate against Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It has learned that the rapper Kanye West has spent 6 million dollars from his own budget for the US presidential race.

It has been learned that Kim Kardashian’s husband, the rap singer Kanye West, who is a candidate for the US presidential election, has spent 6 million dollars to date.

West reported that he has spent $ 5.9 million on the campaign so far and owes over $ 1.2 million to consultants.

The files also show that West received approximately $ 11,000 as an external contribution to the campaign.

West running as an independent candidate against Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The 43-year-old rap singer said, “Nobody paid me. He clarified the allegations by saying “I have more money than Trump”.

West, recently boasted of his fortune, claimed that he approaching a fortune of $ 5 billion.

Written by Maraaz

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