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How can you find out what information WhatsApp collects?

What data does WhatsApp collect? Like all other apps, WhatsApp collects users’ data. WhatsApp also allows users to see what data it collects. You can also find out what the application knows about you. Here’s a step-by-step way to see what data WhatsApp is collecting.

WhatsApp, which has billions of active users worldwide, has attracted attention with the user agreement it has recently published and all users must accept, and it has caused the question of what data WhatsApp reaches.

Users are right to be skeptical because the traces of the Cambridge Analytica scandal of the Facebook company that owns the application are still fresh in memory.

Like Facebook, WhatsApp collects data about the user and does not hide this status. If you wish, you can request a report where you can see in detail what kind of information is collected about you.

Moreover, the request process can be carried out very easily. How to see the data WhatsApp collects about you. What data it collects and other remarkable details are in this news.

How can you access the information collected by WhatsApp?

Step # 1: Open the WhatsApp mobile app.

Step # 2: Open the settings page.

Step # 3: Tap on the Account option.

Step # 4: Tap on Request Account Information.

Step # 5: Tap on Request Report.

Step # 6: Your report will be sent to you within 3 days.

Step # 1: Open the WhatsApp mobile app:

To request the WhatsApp account information report, you must use the WhatsApp mobile application installed on your smartphone with an iOS or Android operating system. Account information reports cannot be requested on WhatsApp Web at the moment.

Step # 2: Open the settings page:

After opening the WhatsApp mobile application, Android users can access the Settings page from the three dots button in the upper right corner and iOS users from the tab at the bottom of the screen. Here you can make all the adjustments regarding your account.

Step # 3: Tap on the Account option:

You can make many arrangements and adjustments about your WhatsApp account on the settings page. With the account option, you open the page where your account settings are displayed in detail and take the first step to get the account information report.

Step # 4: Tap on Request Account Information:

You can make important changes to your account, such as privacy, security, two-step verification, number change and account deletion, through the account settings page. For the account information report, you must tap the Request Account Information option.

Step # 5: Tap on Request Report option:

On the Request Account Information page, detailed information on the subject and the Request Report button will appear. After reviewing the information and accessing much more information via the referral link, tap the Request Report option.

Do not make any significant changes to your WhatsApp account settings after requesting the report, especially if you change your phone number. If such a change occurs, your report request will be canceled.

Step # 6: Your report will be sent to you within 3 days:

With the Request Report option, you have started the account information report process. The report will be prepared within 3 days and sent to you as a ZIP file. You can view the report in the ZIP file by opening the Microsoft Word program or the Text Document application installed on your computer.

What information is in the account information report?

Your phone number registered in your WhatsApp account.

All IP addresses you use.

Brand and model information of all devices you use WhatsApp.

Your WhatsApp profile photo.

The phone numbers of all the contacts you sync with WhatsApp.

All WhatsApp groups you have created or are a member of.

All the contacts you have blocked.

If you ask, it may seem as simple as I would say, but when we evaluate this information over billions of users, an incredibly large database emerges.

It is hard to imagine the monetary value of such a database.

Although it is not a big scandal again, Facebook will use our recently owned WhatsApp data for advertising purposes, as well as all our data. It is thought that WhatsApp ads will show between WhatsApp stories, just like Instagram stories.

What does WhatsApp do with this information?

WhatsApp says that with all this user data it currently obtains, it only improves the user experience, uses it for privacy and security, and especially to improve the way of shopping on WhatsApp and to ensure its security.

When we break the curtain a bit, there are many theories that say Facebook uses WhatsApp data to improve ads and make them almost personal. Nothing can be said about this theory for now, but rest assured we’ll start seeing WhatsApp ads soon.

Can access WhatsApp message contents?

When you receive the WhatsApp account information report, you will see that the application does not reach your message content in any way. This situation provides the E2E end-to-end protection protocol. In other words, it can be seen who, to whom, at what time, but the message content is not displayed in any way.

What you should be worried about is backing up WhatsApp conversations. Because E2E end-to-end protection protocol is not applied for your messages that you back up via Google Drive or iCloud.

So in this case, you are at the mercy of Google and Apple a bit. However, we can say that both companies give full assurance to their users in this regard.

Written by Maraaz

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