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Divorce barrier to Adele new album

British singer Adele; it turned out that he did not release his new album because of the division of 140 million pounds worth of fortune with his divorced wife Simon Konecki (46).

It turned out that 32-year-old British singer Adele, who has recently been on the agenda with the weight he has given, stopped his album work due to the painful divorce case with his ex-wife Simon Konecki (46). Adele, who negotiated with Konecki for 2 years to share his wealth of £ 140 million, finally had a happy ending.

According to the information obtained, if Adele had released her new album during this period, Konecki would have shared the income from the album.
The couple, who decided to divorce in April 2019, applied to the court for divorce after 5 months.

The 32-year-old British singer said “My album is not finished yet and I am worried about moving fast” on the Saturday Night Live program, which he attended on the weekend, giving the message that his fans will wait a while for the album.

Adele released her first album 21 in 2011. The famous singer, who released the James Bond movie song Skyfall single in 2012, broke sales records both in the US and the UK with 25 albums in 2015. The album, which sold 3.38 million in the first week of its release in the USA, became the best-selling album of the year in the USA in just one week and did not take the lead on the Billboard 200 chart for a long time.

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