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World’s most expensive electric car ready for first delivery

The electric hyper car Aspark Owl, which has been mentioned for years and introduced last year. Ready for delivery to its first owner. The world’s most expensive electric car with a price of $ 3.4 million. The Japanese brand also impresses with its technical details.

The electric car Aspark Owl, of which only 50 will be produced, is ready for delivery for its first owner.

The model, which is expected to hit the road for three years, is the world’s most expensive electric car. The value of the vehicle is $ 3.4 million.

Aspark Owl is also eye-catching with its technical details. Owl, powered by 4 electric motors, can reach a speed of 100 kilometers from 0 in just 1.7 seconds.

Tesla’s expected model Roadster promises 1.9 seconds in acceleration from 0 to 100.

The source of this acceleration is 2012 horsepower (1480 kW) and torque power of 2,000 Nm provided by 4 electric motors.

Aspark company also says that this battery pack will be updated in the near future.

Travels 450 kilometers with electricity.

While the entire body of the vehicle is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, only a metal support is used on the roof.

The height of the vehicle is only 99 centimeters.

The electric car to be produced in Italy will be customized and delivered for each customer.

Written by Maraaz

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