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At his 80th year, he adds his 80th Porsche to his collection

The 80’s car enthusiast living in Austria has added his 80th Porsche to his car collection. Ottocar J, (80), living in Vienna, the capital of Austria, bought a Porsche brand car for the 80th time.

Ottocar J one of the first customers to allowed by Porsche Community Management to wear the Porsche emblem on a hood.

Ottocar J, who also built a private mansion for the car collection. He said that he took the first step in his childhood dream in 1972 by taking the yellow 911 E.

Auto enthusiast Ottocar J said that passion for luxury brand cars was about 50 years ago.

He stated that it started when a car of the same brand passed by.

Ottocar J’s increasingly passionate collection includes 38 same-brand vehicles so far. There are also models such as the 8-cylinder rare-engine 910. The original Fuhrmann-powered 904, and the 917, which he still participates in classic car races together.

Written by Maraaz

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