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UK Company Produces Classic Ferrari Parts

In the UK, a company called GTO Engineering manufactures spare parts for classic Ferrari cars in the GTO Parts. Division in accordance with the original. The company has produced parts for many Ferrari and restored these vehicles to the road.

Ferrari, one of the most established companies in the automobile world, has launched many sports cars with the receiver red color. Even the cars the company drove in the past have not lost value today. But running Ferrari’s past vehicles today requires a lot of painstaking maintenance.

In the UK, a company that focuses on Ferrari is undertaking the restoration of classic Ferrari models. However, the company doesn’t just restore cars; produces new parts for them from scratch. This company, called GTO Engineering, opened the GTO Parts division in 1996 in line with the demand for the restoration industry.

GTO Engineering founder Mark Lyon briefly summarized the founding story of the company. While restoring cars in the early nineties, he noticed a lack of spare parts options. With this realization, Mark decided to produce his own parts for the market.

The GTO Parts division that undertakes the production of spare parts in this successful venture started by Mark Lyon. It is able to produce parts for almost every Ferrari that has been released to date.

The company finally managed to restore the 1964 Ferrari Lusso, 1975 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB, 1990 Ferrari F40 and 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO models with the parts it manufactured.

GTO Parts uses Ferrari’s original drawings to manufacture parts. However, these drawings are then combined with modern CAD design software and CNC machining. Ferrari owners can purchase parts individually to continue driving their vehicles on the road.

GTO Engineering has surpassed the restoration mold before and was able to produce replica Ferraris with the benefit of the GTO Parts division. In addition, the company introduced its own cars called Moderna, inspired by Ferrari. Prior to this, the company also produced a limited edition 250 GT SWB Revival.

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