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Tesla’s Chinese rival introduces new autonomous features

Tesla’s Chinese rival, Xpeng, introduced new autonomous features to be used in its vehicles. The P7 sedan, which can change lanes on its own, accelerate and slow down, can enter and exit highways and overtake. These features of Xpeng’s P7 will be available only in China for now.

Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng Motors has introduced new autonomous systems that will take it one step ahead of Tesla, as well as domestic competitors.

The driving system called NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot) allows the company’s sedan vehicle P7 to change lanes, accelerate, slow down, overtake, enter and exit the highway.

Support for XPILOT 3.0, which the company aims to launch in the first quarter, will work as part of ADAS. (ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) refers to autonomous features that help drivers do things)

According to the explanations, the driver will need to watch the security video before moving on to the auto. After users enter their targets on the map, the vehicle will advance to the location by performing some functions such as changing lanes. In cases where the vehicle needs to be controlled manually, it will warn the driver and transfer the control.

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