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UN diplomat found dead

An unnamed United Nations diplomat found dead in an apartment in New York, USA. Police focus on the possibility that the diplomat committed suicide.

It has been announced that a woman diplomat, whose name has not been disclosed in the United Nations, is in an apartment in New York, USA.

In the statement made by the New York police, it was stated that the female diplomat, who was stated to be 38 years old, was found in the room, lying on his stomach, with a belt around his neck. It was stated that there were also antidepressant drugs in the room.

While it was stated that there was no suspicion of murder in the examination made in the room; It was stated that the possibility of suicide was emphasized. Hernan Avila, one of the housekeepers of the apartment, said: “She has lived here for two years. Everyone feels bad. She was a really nice woman, ”he said. No statement has yet been received from the United Nations on the issue.

Written by Maraaz

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