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The French start to stockpile food to worry about famine

Ice cream sales also increased by 200 percent.

In France, the public is stocking up on food fears that the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic will continue throughout 2021 and will cause famine.
According to the data released by the Information Resources Company (IRI), the French turned to buy frozen food and canned food that can be preserved for a long time due to famine and concerns that stocks would run out.

Among the stocked products, there are mostly smoked fish, meat, ground beef, bread and frozen vegetables as well as ice cream.

In the country, sales of foie gras rose 50 percent, smoked fish sales increased 28 percent, and champagne sales increased 20 percent.

It has been reported that the French tend to stock ice cream due to the expectation that the summer of 2021 will be very hot.

It was stated that the ice cream sales of Thiriet, a market chain known for its ice cream and frozen vegetable products, increased 200 percent.

Meat consumption fell after the horse meat scandal in the country in 2013, but there has been a large increase in meat sales since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Written by Maraaz

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