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In France, the Council of State cancels the government’s suspension of ‘family reunification’ visas

In France, the Council of State annulled the government’s decision to suspend the entry visa for spouses and children abroad on the grounds of the new type of coronavirus pandemic.


The Council of State examined the government’s decision to suspend the family reunification visa on 21 March due to the pandemic, following the application of many associations and foreign citizens.

The court considered the suspension of family reunification visas as “a disproportionate interference with the right to normal family life and the benefit of the child” and “a situation with serious doubts about its legality” and decided to cancel the application.

In the decision, it was also pointed out that the visa injunction was contrary to the right of the relevant persons to normal family life and, if any, the best interests of the children.

It was pointed out that the French state had already limited the number of visa given through family reunification to 60 people in the pre-pandemic period, and it was stated that the government’s reason to prevent the spread of the virus on this issue was unrealistic.

It is stated that the decision has satisfied many people who are homesick because their spouses and children are abroad.

After the Covid-19 pandemic started to spread in the country, France had minimized the process of issuing visas for those coming from abroad on March 21, 2020.

Written by Maraaz

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