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Macron: my statement on cartoons got misunderstood in the Islamic world

French President Emmanuel Macron claimed that his statement on the cartoons and the reaction in the Islamic world was due to misunderstanding.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Macron stated that he wanted to eliminate the misunderstandings about him recently. He said that in the international arena, very harsh reactions given to “attack France” and he followed them.

Our country has no religious problems. Macron arguing that Muslims living in France freely practice their religion. He argued that there was no discrimination against Muslims in the country and that wrong things said about it.

Stating that publishing cartoons in the country is freedom of expression, Macron said. The French humor magazine Charlie Hebdo’s about the insulting cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. “I can understand and respect the emotions these cartoons evoke. However, I want you to understand my role. My task is to soften the environment as I am doing now, but at the same time defend the right of (this cartoon). ”

Macron stated that Charlie Hebdo is not an official magazine, it publishes freely.

“It’s not the French government that drew these cartoons. However, if you ask that the President of France should revoke this right, the answer is no. Because this right is the right of the French people and concerns the whole world. The important thing is to protect this freedom. ” Using the expression, Macron said he did not accept the violence that occurred after the release of these cartoons.

“I’m not a theologian, but I don’t think violence is legitimate or supported in Islam,” Macron said. I understand that these cartoons are shocking and I respect it, but I will never accept using these cartoons to justify the violence. ”

Stating that he does not support every cartoon drawn personally, but the right to draw cartoons should be protected. The expression “We will not give up cartoons” in one of his speech. Argued that he was interpreted as supporting insulting cartoons against the Prophet Muhammad and that this was not true.

“These cartoons concern all religions. There are no cartoons about one religion in particular. This is important for Muslims listening to us.” Macron said that his statement about the cartoons was due to misunderstanding in the Islamic world.

“I am in favor of thinking, writing and drawing freely in my country. I think this is important. This is a right and freedom. ” Macron argued that the problem with the cartoons in question would not be solved by banning cartoons.

Macron stated that he did not accept the criticism that his insulting cartoons against Prophet Muhammad published more than others. “These cartoons are drawn in France and the rules of Islam are not applied in this country.” While Macron stated that they fight against anti-Semitism and all kinds of racism in the country, it was noteworthy that he did not mention the fight against Islamophobia.

“I acknowledge what (France) did in the name of colonization and slavery. It is looking at the history of France correctly,” Macron said. Macron also condemned the boycott calls for French products in Arab countries.

“What a magazine is saying in France is not the position of the government. It is crazy to boycott the products of that country because a magazine says something.” Most of the victims of the terrorist attacks “in the name of Islam” were Muslims, Macron noted.

Macron explained that the “radical Islamists” they fight against are those who use violence in the name of Islam. France has no problem with Islam and Muslims and the “Islamist separatist” bill on their agenda.

“I never insult any leader in the world. I respect the president himself chose the Turks. I’m with Turkey.”

Written by Maraaz

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