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Curfew restrictions will apply in France as of October 30

Due to the rapid increase in Covid-19 cases in France, curfews will be applied across the country as of October 30.

Breaking news! French President Emmanuel Macron, due to the rapid increase in new types of corona virus (Covid-19). He reported that as of October 30, curfews will be imposed across the country.

Speaking to the public from the Elysee Palace, Macron explained the Covid-19 measures taken.

Stating that the virus is spreading very quickly in the country, Macron. He argued that they were following a good strategy in combating the pandemic.

Macron said that countries in Europe such as Spain and Ireland took strict measures earlier, but they were in the same situation as these countries.

Warning that more people will die in the second wave of the epidemic than the first, Macron. He shared the information that 1.9 million tests are performed per week.

Macron reported that as of October 30, curfews will be imposed across the country until December 1.

Explaining that all schools will be open except universities, Macron. He stated that within the scope of the application, people can go out to go to work, markets and health institutions.

Macron stated that bars, restaurants and shops will also be closed. Stating that the course of the epidemic will be re-evaluated every 15 days, Macron said. He stated that their goal is to reduce the daily number of Covid-19 cases to 5,000. In France, curfews are imposed in 54 regions between 21.00-06.00.

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