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Bill targeting Muslims in France passed by special commission in the National Assembly

The draft law introduced by French President Emmanuel Macron as “the fight against Islamist separatism” on October 2 and changed as “principles that strengthen the respect for the values of the Republic” was accepted in the special commission.


In a statement made on his Twitter account, French Interior Minister Gerald Darman stated that the draft law “which he defends aims to consolidate the principles of the Republic” was widely accepted by the special commission in the National Assembly.

Using the expression “We are making a law for the future, not only to resist today’s difficulties, but to defend the values ​​of the republic,” Darmanin drew attention to the fact that the “far right and leftist” structures that have risen in the country are also threatening.

The bill putting Muslims under “blockade”
The bill is expected to be submitted to the National Assembly in February

The draft law, which strengthens respect for the values ​​of the republic, has been criticized on the grounds that it targets the Muslim community in France, imposes restrictions on almost every aspect of their lives, and attempts to portray very rare situations as chronic problems.

The bill provides for intervening in mosques and the associations responsible for the administration of these mosques, as well as controlling the financing of associations and non-governmental organizations belonging to Muslims.

In France, where it is forbidden to wear a headscarf in pre-university education institutions, it also restricts the education choices of the Muslim community in the country by preventing families from giving their children home education.

The bill, which prohibits patients from choosing their doctors based on gender for religious or other reasons, paves the way for the evaluation and suppression of dissenting views under the name of “posts that incite hatred” with a new mechanism.

The bill also requires “secularism education” for all public officials.

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