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Lily Allen Wedding dress intention: I bought it a few hours before the wedding

The famous singer announced that she bought the white dress, which she wore as a wedding dress and completed with a veil, just a few hours before the wedding. Famous singer Lily Allen, who was on the agenda with her fast life in the early 2000s, surprisingly made her second marriage with David Harbor last month. The 35-year-old singer also shared photos taken at the wedding ceremony on her social media page.

Lily Allen, who has two children from her former marriage, also told the story of the wedding dress she wore that day. A guest on the podcast called Sex Lies & DM Slides, Allen said she bought the white dress she wore on the day she got married to Harbor just hours before the wedding.

Allen said that on the day of his marriage, he went to a store with his daughter, who was born from his first marriage, and explained: “My daughter and I went to a shop called Beautiful Brides in the morning. We started looking for dresses for rent. Then I found this dress.”

When she asked her daughter about the dress, she said, “I guess you won’t leave without this dress.” Lily Allen and David Harbor later organized a small celebration attended by the famous singer’s children, 8-year-old Ethel and seven-year-old Marnie, who were born from their first marriage.

Lily Allen made her first marriage to Sam Cooper in 2011. The couple from this marriage had two children.

But Sam Cooper and Lily Alen decided to part ways in 2018. David Harbor married Allen for the first time.

Written by Maraaz

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