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Don’t enter February 14 alone!

Don’t enter February 14 alone! Special love codes for loners according to the zodiac signs. Valentine’s Day is approaching. If you are alone, you can decode your love passwords, maybe you can enjoy your day with your loved one. The author of the book Love Passwords, gives information about love codes and tells the tips of finding love for each zodiac sign.

The first step is to accept love. Then you have to determine how to invite love into your life. Without realizing it, one makes love so overwhelming that it puts an invisible distance between it and love. If being alone is not your choice, you have to face blockages in your mind, wounds in your soul, and hurt in your heart. How Does? By learning your special love passwords …

Astrological symbolism; It is a guide to create our own love story or to attract love into our lives by revealing the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual motivation and potential we are born with. Each person’s way of expressing their emotions, emotional expectations, lack of self-esteem and areas where they cannot protect their self-worth are different from each other.

Identifying our emotional needs and desires, recognizing our emotional security areas, harnessing our impulses that we do not know the reason for, reaching our subconscious records, understanding our past life stories, our way of relating, etc. By facing, we can get rid of the obstacles to our love life and relationships.

Man tries to reach his essence by passing through countless experiences and thresholds throughout his life on Earth. All our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical experiences are related to our adventure of knowing, understanding and expressing ourselves. Learning with love and maturing is undoubtedly destiny. The Codes of Love book clarifies the deciphering of our universal and individual love codes through our Moon and Venus signs.

Special love codes for loners according to the horoscope:


Get rid of the masks you have about love. It is already time for many emotions to arise that you had not even noticed before. Until now, you have linked the love and the person to be fallen in love with, both because of your environment and your individual preferences. Get rid of this behavior that you don’t see any benefit and wish for love again When you get rid of the mentality of “I don’t fall in love with someone like that, no love under these conditions”, you will see that love is not far away.


Do you know how to make love and life valuable? It is not possible to enjoy every moment of life and hence love relationships. However, it is up to you to know the value of the beautiful moments and increase the intensity. Every time you feel unhappy, you tend to move away from yourself, from your core desires, from love. Confront your disappointments in love by rediscovering your self-desires. In the past, the fact that you could not meet the demands of the other party “balanced” caused the distance between you and love. It is enough to get rid of the “I will not be happy again” prejudice.


If only you knew what kind of meanings you gave to love throughout your life… You don’t have to dedicate yourself to the other person, don’t be afraid anymore. Admit all your true wishes for love to yourself first. Because of the traces left by your past love stories, you sabotage yourself with the excuse of “my freedom will go away”. You can get away from the mistake of seeming indifferent and heal with love as you empathize with the other side. Aim for the people you will create with a realistic approach.


You may have considered it as destiny to be the most altruistic, patient, understanding, and destroy love. There cannot be a definition of love whose name is sacrifice. Show sincerity in expressing your true wishes and desires. Once this clarity is reached, no one will be left behind the sacrifice. Love does not like to wait in line. Stop delaying love …


Could it be that you want to bring love into your life to set sail for a new adventure? If the “spiritual source” of your self and self-worth is being in joy and enthusiasm, you can answer this question yes. Your reason for being alone; It may be that you see love “first” as an experience that should be entertained. This time, love can come simultaneously with the desire to start a family, to have a child. If you want love to honor you, consider how you’ve honored love, relationship, and lover so far.


You find it difficult to enjoy life due to the intensity of the maturation process that allows you to know yourself. Give space to love by giving up from drowning in the natural problems of daily life. Your body, mind and heart are the walls of your soul. However, neither your emotions and thoughts nor your impulses are enough to fully express your self. Love has an enchanting power that makes man mature by revealing his most hidden aspects.


Consider your unexpressed, unfinished stories about dreams and demands about your love life. Create love in the simplest form in your mind, without reference to your love relationships that you have tried emotional manipulations and strategies before. By renewing love mentally, you step into love. Let openness in love, honesty, equal participation, empathy be your new slogans. You can turn to people and relationships that will improve your vision.


Expectations, desires and difficulties are inevitable facts of love. However, as you move away from the old information about love, you can attract love into your life. Save the relationship and love from the shadow of previous unpleasant experiences. Reshape the values you have with your own desires and emotions. You can do this easily thanks to your deep insights. As long as you do not approach like a gain or loss, you can get rid of all the blockages related to love.


As long as you do not escape reality, you will win in love as in all areas of life. It is important to be determined and motivated while living at peace with your principles. But give up the search for certainty about what is right and what is wrong in love. Fixed-minded behavior can prevent you from seeing the opportunities that come your way. On the other hand, you can strengthen your self-confidence with physical investments such as sports and healthy nutrition.


Your romantic and dramatic definition of ideal love may be improved a little. While you do not easily change your thoughts, stretching your expectations of love can scare you. However, what should be; Being able to give the other person the opportunity to be themselves while continuing to be yourself. Love and relationships that come with the flow can manage to get you out of the routine. Thus, you will be able to experience love more intensely than before. Be clear about spending time for love first.


As with any subject, you want to experience love as a high experience. Let your individual desires come to the surface first. Show yourself the tolerance you have towards the world. Invite experiences that will bring the invisible face of love into your life. Your dedication to the collective made you forget yourself and thus break with love. We are in full love Aquarius season; You can try to teach the society by experiencing the new nature of love.


You want to be in love because you are under pressure from your environment to have a relationship. However, it is important that you do not lose your self-esteem while making choices based on social norms. As someone who is in love with yourself, do not ignore the rational foundations in the relationship. You can reach love as much as you are free from your fears. Loyalty and loyalty, compassion and rage, responsibility and justice are the main issues that love will test you. We know how creative solutions you can create whenever you want.

Written by Maraaz

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