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All eyes turned to January 19 in the government crisis in Italy

In Italy, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the major partners of the coalition are trying to attract some senators to reach the majority to win a vote of confidence in the Senate.


The fate of the government led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, whose majority in the parliament was at risk after the breakdown of the four-party coalition in Italy, will be determined by a vote of confidence in the upper house of parliament, the Senate, on Tuesday (January 19th).

The political crisis that broke out on January 13, the coalition partner Italia Viva (Iv), announced its withdrawal from the quartet coalition with the 5-Star Movement (M5S), the Democratic Party (PD), the Free and Equal (LeU).

Conte will address the lower house of the parliament, the House of Representatives tomorrow, and the upper wing Senate on Tuesday, January 19 about the political situation in the country.

Whether the government, which has the majority to win a vote of confidence in the House of Representatives with the support of the M5S, PD and LeU in the coalition, will be able to maintain its majority in the Senate is a matter of concern.

After Iv, who supported the government in the parliament with 30 deputies and 18 senators while in the coalition, withdrew, the second Conte government fell behind the number of 161 required for the absolute majority in the Senate and needed the support of at least 10 more senators.

In the report of Corriere della Sera newspaper, it was stated that Prime Minister Conte called on senators from the Central Union (UDC) and some independent figures to support the government, but the UDC did not get any results after he announced that the UDC would act together with the opposition center right. It was noted in the Italian press that the contacts on this issue were continuing.

M5S and PD find Renzi “unreliable” for coalition breaker

Iv leader Matteo Renzi, who broke the quartet coalition, told Corriere della Sera that the government supported by the M5S and PD would not be able to gain a vote of confidence without them. Although Iv officials also stated that they could return to the government if Conte listened to them, this signal was not responded to in the coalition’s major partners M5S and PD.

Messages continue to come from the M5S and PD that they will not cooperate again with Renzi, whom they accuse of betraying the current coalition.

Prime Minister Conte’s speech to the Senate on Tuesday, January 19, and the clarification of whether the government has an absolute majority in the Senate will determine the direction of the government crisis.

It is stated that if it turns out that the government has lost its majority in the Senate, Prime Minister Conte will give his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella. In this case, President Mattarella is expected to start consultations with political parties before the early elections in order to look for other government formulas that can gain a vote of confidence in the current parliamentary arithmetic.

Possible political scenarios

Even though the scenario of Iv, M5S, PD and LeU to form a new government under a different name other than Conte was voiced if the political consultations started, it is known that the M5S and PD did not lean towards coalition with Iv again.

Another political scenario spoken in the country stands out as the formation of a technocratic government by names such as Mario Draghi or Carlo Cottarelli from the field of economy, which can also fight the pandemic and the economic crisis it caused.

It is stated that in the absence of a government formula that will gain a vote of confidence in the distribution of seats in the parliament, the general elections that should normally be held in 2023 may be brought forward.

Despite the loss of votes in opinion polls, the far right League Party ranks first.

The coalition formed by M5S, PD, LeU and Iv and known as the “2nd Conte Government” was established on September 5, 2019, replacing the coalition government formed by the M5S and the far-right League Party, again led by Giuseppe Conte.

Written by Maraaz

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