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Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate to begin the week of February 8

US Senate Majority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer announced that the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump in the Senate due to Congressional raid will begin on the week of February 8.

Speaking at the Senate General Assembly, Schumer; He made an important statement regarding Trump’s judicial process, which the Democrats held responsible for the Congressional raid on January 6.

Reminding that the House of Representatives will send them the dismissal clause on Monday, January 25, Schumer said, “Both the prosecution office in the House of Representatives and the defense will have enough time to prepare their legal theses. On the week of February 8, the parties will begin to submit their files.” used the expression.

Next Monday, the House of Representatives will send the clause for Trump’s dismissal, which it previously accepted, to the Senate, according to the jurisdiction schedule that will begin in the Senate. The article will be read at the Senate General Assembly on Monday evening.

The senators, who will serve as a jury in Trump’s trial, will take an oath for these duties on Tuesday, January 26, and Trump will be sent an invitation to the judicial process on the same day.

Trump has until February 2 to respond to the impeachment clause against him, and the same day for the House of Representatives to present the pre-trial file. Trump will have 6 more days to respond to the pre-trial file.

Trump’s trial at the Senate with a request for impeachment can begin on Tuesday, February 9, according to the calendar that requires Trump to submit all documents and evidence regarding the pre-trial file by February 8.


On the other hand, according to reports in the US media, it was stated that very few Republican senators in the Senate were considering voting against Trump.

Sources close to the Republican senators reported that currently 5 or 6 senators could vote against Trump in the impeachment vote in the Senate.

In order for Trump to be found guilty, at least 2 out of 3 majority in the 100-seat Senate, 67 senators, must vote against him. In the Senate, where both parties have 50 seats each, it is considered very unlikely that Trump will be found guilty.

US Senate Minority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell has suggested delaying former President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate until mid-February. Schumer’s spokesperson stated that they would consider the proposal.

In the raid in the US Congress on January 6, 5 people, including one police officer, died and dozens were injured. The dismissal clause against Trump, accused by the Democrats of “incitement to rebellion,” was accepted in the vote in the House of Representatives. Whether Trump is guilty of Congress events will be decided in a vote in the Senate.

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