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Prime Minister Conte and his government narrowly won the critical vote of confidence in the Senate in Italy

In the government crisis in Italy, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his government received a vote of no absolute majority from the Senate, the upper house of parliament.

Rome Coalition partner Italia Viva (Iv) announced on January 13 that it withdrew from the quartet coalition with the 5-Star Movement (M5S), the Democratic Party (PD), the Free and Equal (LeU), and the government crisis was discussed in the Senate.

The Conte government, which received a vote of confidence in the lower house of the parliament, the House of Representatives yesterday, sought a vote of confidence in the 321-seat Senate, where the number of seats was at risk after Iv withdrew from the government.

After more than 12 hours of talks in the Senate General Assembly, the coalition of M5S, PD and LeU, led by Conte, received a vote of confidence with 156 “Yes” votes against 140 “No” votes. 16 senators from Iv who withdrew from the government abstained from voting.

Prime Minister Conte said on his Twitter account that the government gained a narrow vote of confidence without the absolute majority, “The government has also managed to get a vote of confidence from the Senate. Now our goal is to make this majority stronger.

Italy does not have a minute to lose. and to deal with the economic crisis, they must immediately go to work. Vaccination, rescue funding and financial support will be prioritized. ” used the expressions. The fact that Conte and his government received a small vote of confidence before reaching the absolute majority of 161 in the Senate brought with it discussions whether the government could rule the country.

Opposition prepares to bring the issue to President Mattarella

Matteo Salvini, leader of the main opposition, far-right League Party, described the government’s continuing on its way without absolute majority as “unacceptable” and stated that they will carry this issue to President Sergio Mattarella.

Giorgia Meloni, chairman of the Brotherhood Party of Italy (FdI), another far-right opposition party, said that he thought President Mattarella would not turn a blind eye.

Antonio Tajani, vice president of Forza Italia, one of the center-right parties, said that the ruling’s exit from the vote of confidence in this way is the “Victory of Pyrus”.

2. Conte Government

The “2nd Conte Government”, which started as a tripartite coalition of the M5S, PD, LeU and turned into a four-party coalition after the split of the PD and Iv left, replaced the coalition government formed by the M5S and the far-right League Party under the leadership of Giuseppe Conte on September 5, 2019. was established.

Iv, one of the junior partners of the coalition, withdrew from the government on January 13, criticizing Conte and the prime minister’s plan for the rescue fund from the European Union. With Iv’s withdrawal from the government, the majority of Conte’s government, especially in the Senate, was at risk.

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