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Health Minister announces: Australia could close by 2022

The Australian government has announced that in 2021, even if a large part of the population is vaccinated, it may not open its borders. “Even though most of the Australian population has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, we do not expect to open our border gates against foreign passengers this year,” said the Head of the Australian Health Department.

While coronavirus cases continue unabated in the world, the President of the Australian Health Department made statements. The statement said that Australia is not expected to reopen its borders to foreign passengers in 2021.

When asked whether the borders will be reopened this year, Brendan Murphy, head of the Australian Health Department, told ABC: “This is a question without an answer. I think the answer is probably no. We will spend most of this year with border restrictions, even if we have vaccinated most of the population, we do not know if this will prevent transmission of the virus and possibly quarantine will continue for a while ”


Murphy added that there is still a lot of uncertainty to accurately predict when it will be safe to open the country to foreign tourists.

The Australian government previously closed the country to foreign tourists until 17 March.

“International borders will open when international travel does not pose a risk to Australians,” said Transport Minister Michael McCormack in a statement last month.


It announced that it will not accept passengers from abroad who are positive for the Kovid-19 test, except New Zealand, Australia, Antarctica and some pacific countries, which are known for their strict measures against Covid-19.

Chris Hipkins, Minister of Fighting New Zealand Covid-19, made a statement on the official page of the Ministry about the new restrictions that will come into effect as of Friday, January 15.

According to the new measures taken upon the detection of Covid-19 in those coming from abroad in recent weeks, negative Covid-19 test results will be requested from those who will return to the country.

Stating that those who will travel to the country should submit the Covid-19 test they have had at most 72 hours before boarding the plane, Minister Hipkins stated that this rule will first be applied to those coming from the USA and the UK, and then to those coming from other countries.

Reminding that the country has the “strictest border protection measures” in the world, Hipkins said, “The changes made today further strengthen the position of the government in the direction of the strategy to eradicate the virus.” used the expression.

Noting that Australia, Antarctica and some pacific countries will be exempted from the said application, Hipkins stated that in exceptional cases such as the test results in a long time, the 72-hour-ahead rule will be extended for another 24 hours.

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