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Trump’s final decision in the White House: he will issue amnesty to nearly 100 people

It has been stated that the US President Donald Trump will pardon about 100 people the day before the term ends. President Donald Trump has prepared an extensive list of about 100 people to publish tomorrow, including amnesty and sentence reduction. Currently it is stated that he prefers not to pardon himself.

It was stated that President Donald Trump prepared a wide list of amnesties and penalties for about 100 people to be published tomorrow, and that he preferred not to issue an amnesty for himself at the moment.

Earlier, White House advisers reported that Trump took an extraordinary step in private conversations with his advisors and discussed pardoning for him, but some officials from his administration warned Trump not to forgive himself, that it would make him guilty.

Speaking to the media, sources noted that Trump is currently not planning to issue a preventative amnesty for family members, another issue he speaks privately to himself and his advisers.

It is stated that notable names such as Julian Assange are not included in the list of amnesty, while the situation of Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon is also unclear.

In the statement made, Salomon Melgen, Palm Beach’s leading ophthalmologist, who was convicted of dozens of health frauds and is in prison, will also benefit from the Trump amnesty.

Many experts have stated that self-amnesty would be unconstitutional because it violated the basic principle that no one can become a judge in their own case.

Others argued that self-amnesty was constitutional because the power of amnesty was expressed in very broad terms in the constitution, and according to historical texts, the founders discussed self-amnesty in the 18th century and preferred not to impose clear restrictions on this power.

Trump, who also received names accused of war crimes on two amnesty lists he published in December, also pardoned people from his closest circle, such as Paul Manafort, who served as campaign advisor in the 2016 elections, and Charles Kushner, father of Roger Stone and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.


It was announced that Donald Trump, whose presidency will end at noon on January 20, will not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony. It was announced that Trump will leave the White House on January 20 and go to his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

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