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NYT: Trump pardoned for failing to pay $ 287 million debt

New York Times newspaper for failing to repay US President Trump’s investment project in Chicago. The New York Times wrote that since 2010, 287 million dollars of debt has been forgiven. Trump made a statement regarding the claim, “Doesn’t that make me a wise man rather than a bad guy”.

US President Donald Trump was allegedly pardoned for failing to pay the $ 287 million debt. The New York Times analyzing Trump’s tax records, the bank after the Trump Hotel in Chicago faced financial problems. Claimed that mutual funds provided Trump with ease of payment and gave additional time, and when the debts were not paid, the debt of 287 million dollars was forgiven.

Trump, on his Twitter account, argued that he made a great deal with the lenders for his Chicago skyscraper. “Doesn’t that make me a wise man rather than a bad guy?”

New York Times newspaper reaching tax records that Trump refused to reveal. And that Trump had not paid any taxes for 10 years on the grounds that the loss of their companies is more than their profits. Wrote that he only paid 750 dollars tax in 2016 and 2017.

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