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Lana Del Rey pissed off her fans with her mask: What irresponsibility!

It is mandatory to wear a mask all over the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This includes celebrities. However, some of them can actually use non-protective masks for elegance. One of them is singer Lana Del Rey. She drew the reaction of her fans with her mask.

Some celebrities actually use unprotective masks just for change or elegance. This situation annoys her fans from time to time. One of those names is singer Lana Del Rey.

The 35-year-old American singer attended an event held at a Los Angeles bookstore on Friday. The singer introduced her poetry book Violent Bent Backwards Over the Grass, read some chapters. Then she chatted with her fans.

When Rey shared her masked photo on social media, she drew reaction from her followers. Because Lana Del Rey had used a mask that was similar to Paris Hilton In before, maybe stylish but without any protective features.

This is what caused her fans to criticize her harshly on social media. Many of his followers described the singer as “Irresponsible”.

But Lana Del Rey’s brother, Chuck Grant, argued that Lana Del Rey was not acting irresponsibly.

Grant said that his sister’s corona virus test was negative and he kept a distance from his fans at the event. The famous singer had been on lenses many times during the pandemic period and took the protective mask measure each time.

She was always admired with her masked photos taken when she went shopping.

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Written by Maraaz

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