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Donald Trump: I wish Harry luck because he will need it

Donald Trump, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s for the American people. He commented on the couple after the video post containing the call to “vote”. Saying he is not a fan of Meghan Markle, Trump said, “I wish Harry luck because he will need it.”

US President Donald Trump reacted to the couple after Meghan Markle and Prince Hary shared a video urging Americans to vote in the presidential election.

Joe Biden at the press conference he held. Their thoughts on the video of the couple that seemed to be supporting were asked.

Tump added, “I’m not a Meghan Makle fan and he probably heard about it. I wish Harry great luck because he will need it ”.

“This is the most important choice in our life. Called “Vote”; Prince Harry had stated that he never voted because he was from the Royal Family.

Post-video British media wrote that Harry and Meghan broke the ‘apolitical’ stance of the royal members.

Buckingham Palace also underlined that Harry is no longer a royal official and stated that his words are “personal.

Royal members traditionally do not vote or interfere in elections and political affairs. The Queen, who is the head of the state under the constitution, takes a politically neutral position.

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