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Donald Trump: there is intervention in the election must be refuse

LAST MINUTE NEWS: While the USA is waiting for the result of the presidential election, the results of which have not been finalized yet. US President Donald Trump made statements.

Breaking news! Highlights from Donald Trump’s comments; Judging by the legal votes, I won. We have won huge victories in many states. We won these places in the face of many interventions.

It turned out in the nonsense in the polls. Instead of the blue wave that everyone was waiting for, the red wave was seen.

We have not lost a single seat in the House of Representatives, we have won many new seats. I got the most votes in party history.

We saw what it is to intervene in the election. These polls were not made for our voters to stay at home and for Biden to win. It was totally wrong in the poll conducted the day before the election. I was told I would lose Florida by far, I won. These are not stupid people, they tried to hide the facts.

There should be an intervention in the election. Many objections were made. Votes sent by mail corrupt the system.

They check how much votes they need and then they get that vote. All the votes from the post go to the Democrats. We were winning by 700 thousand in Pennsylvania, now the difference has decreased to 90 thousand. Votes come from everywhere.

Despite this incident, they still object. With 300,000 votes in Georgia, we came to the point where we could fall behind.

We were differently ahead in Michigan and Wisconsin. Our vote started to disappear suddenly. Republicans are not asked to watch as votes are counted.

They covered the windows with newspaper papers. There was a decision for postal votes to arrive on election day. This is not implemented. They obviously cheat. They cheat with postal votes. We saw corruption in the vote count.

Counting of votes was halted in states controlled by Democrats. And all of the postal votes that followed had Biden’s name. I want openness and transparency. I don’t want to count behind closed doors. All should be counted by legitimate votes.

Post votes are like a horror movie. We really cannot condone what is happening here.

Written by Maraaz

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