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Trump’s decision to “continue fighting in 4 critical states” for elections

US President Donald Trump important to the fate of elections. He gave the message that they are continuing to fight in detecting irregularities in 4 critical states.

Trump won by Democrat candidate Joe Biden, according to the Associated Press’s unofficial results from his Twitter account. He made statements regarding the states of Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia where the vote counting process is continuing.

“Nevada is turning into a cesspool of fake votes,” said Donald Trump on the voting process in Nevada. Our team is finding evidence there and everyone will be shocked when these are published. ”

Trump emphasized that there are “good” developments in Wisconsin, “We need some legal time. Something will happen here soon.”

Regarding the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia, Trump said, “We were prevented from monitoring the vote counting in Pennsylvania. This is unthinkable and illegal in this country. We will win a big victory in Georgia, as on election night. ”

According to unofficial results, Democrat candidate Joe Biden won the 59th presidential election held in the US on Tuesday, November 3.

Written by Maraaz

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