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Brazilian historical score: Sao Paulo defeated Taboao 29-0

In the Brazil Paulista Women’s Round 1 match, Sao Paulo defeated Taboao 29-0 on the road.

The Brazilian Paulista Women’s Cup has witnessed a historic score. São Paulo, which took off 17 times to rival nets in the first half, managed to fit 29 goals in 90 minutes of Taboao match.

Sao Paulo’s goals were scored by Gioavaninha (3), Kamilla (6), Glaucia (3), Gioavana, Duda (3) Andressa (2), Emily (4) Carol (5), Perolla.

Taboao’s midfielder drew attention to the financial problems of the club after the match; “We don’t even have a training uniform. Nobody is paid. We made an effort to participate in the tournament, but we will never bow our heads down.”

Written by Maraaz

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