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Bats can predict where their prey might be

A study conducted in the US found that bats can predict where their prey might be.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University use the echoes of the sound that bats make to create a three-dimensional model of the world around them as they fly. Stated that bats could predict the future position of their prey.

In their lab experiments, the researchers determined how the bat hunted the insect using a high-speed camera.

Using the techniques of “advanced echo direction determination” of the bat in the study. It stated that by predicting the movement speed of the insect, it determined in advance where its prey would be.

Just as a tennis player needs to know in advance when and where to hit the ball, says Cynthia Moss, a psychology professor with the research team. She also knew in advance when and where a bat would contact an insect it hunted.

“The insect is flying. The bat is also flying. In such a volatile environment, the bat would have missed its prey if it only relied on echoes,” Moss said.

The results of the research published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”.

Written by Maraaz

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