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I will go to heaven

The photo of model Margot Foxx from the Pope’s account was also liked: I will go to heaven. A new photo crisis has been added to Pope Francis’s Instagram account called “Franciscus”. This time the Pope liked the photo of model Margot Foxx. Foxx said in a statement, “The Pope liked my painting, it means I’ll go to heaven.”

After one of the posts of Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto from Pope Francis’s Instagram account named “Franciscus”, a new photo scandal is happening.

The photo of the model Margot Foxx from the Pope’s account was also liked.

After the incident, Foxx used the expressions “Pope liked my picture, it means I will go to heaven” in her Twitter post.

In recent months, the photo of a Brazilian model named Natalia Garibotto from Pope’s Instagram account was liked.

After the improvement, the liking was soon reversed.

Later, in the statement made by the Vatican, it announced that an investigation initiated for the liking of the photo.

Written by Maraaz

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