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Coronavirus mortality rate decreased by 35 percent in 6 months

A new study on the Coronavirus outbreak found that the Covid-19 killing rate fell from 0.9 percent to 0.6 percent. It has been reported that fewer people died now than in April, as doctors recognized the disease better over time. The number of deaths in the USA is expected to increase by 200 thousand and reach 450 thousand.

The results of a new study on the SARS-like new type of corona virus outbreak that occurred in Wuhan, China in December 2019 were shared.

According to the results of the study conducted by Washington University researchers, the corona virus is less deadly. Researchers from the Institute of Health Measures and Evaluation found that the lethality rate of Covid-19 fell from 0.9 percent in April to 0.6 percent by November.

While nine out of every thousand people who contracted the corona virus died in April, this number decreased to six in November.

Making a statement on the subject, Director of the Institute Christopher Murray stated that doctors coped with the virus better than in the past. It was stated that over time, doctors better grasped the fight against the virus and therefore death rates decreased. However, there is a point that challenges researchers; the actual number of cases will never be known exactly. It is stated that the number of cases is much higher than measured, due to those who survive the disease very mildly or without symptoms.

Considering the death statistics, Dr. Murray stated that the elderly are still in the risky group. “Death risk has a fundamental relationship to age. The risk of death increases by 9 percent for all ages,” Murray said. In addition, according to the modeling of the research, the total number of deaths in the USA is expected to reach 439 thousand by March 1, the anniversary of the first death. Nearly 250 thousand people have lost their lives in the USA so far.

It is stated that around 200 thousand more people may die in the country in the coming months.

On the other hand, on November 11, a record was broken in the number of daily deaths worldwide.

For the first time since January 9, when the first death in the world occurred, the number of deaths in one day exceeded 10,000.

According to the latest figures in the epidemic, the number of cases exceeded 53 million, while the loss of life exceeded 1.3 million.

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