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The number of coronavirus deaths exceeded 1 million

The number of deaths in the new type of coronavirus pandemic that started in China has exceeded 1 million.

While the total number of cases exceeded 33 million, 24.5 million people recovered from the disease.

The USA, India and Brazil are listed as the countries with the highest number of cases.

Another threshold was left behind in the new type of SARS-like coronavirus pandemic that started in Wuhan, China.

Covid-19, which spread worldwide and turned into a global pandemic, claimed more than a million lives.

The total number of cases worldwide has exceeded 33 million 175 thousand. 24.5 million people who got the Corona virus recovered.

There are currently more than 7.6 million active cases worldwide.

The United States is the country most affected by Covid-19, with 7.3 million cases and more than 209 thousand casualties.

Brazil is the country with the most casualties after the USA.

The Latin American country ranks second with 141,000 deaths, with 4.7 million Covid-19 cases, and third in the infected ranking.

Finally, India, the third most populous country in the world, ranks second in the list of infected, with 6 million cases, and third in the number of deaths with 95 thousand deaths.


Mexico: 76 thousand casualties
England: 42 thousand casualties
Italy: 35 thousand casualties
Peru: 32 thousand casualties
France: 31 thousand 700 casualties
Spain: 31 thousand 232 casualties
Iran: 25 thousand 589 casualties.

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